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Chouf Cedars – 3000 Years in the Making

Our latest road trip takes us to the Cedars Reserve in the Chouf District, mainly the reserves of Maaser El Chouf and Barouk. Resting high in the Chouf mountain at an altitude exceeding 1500m, awaits you some of the oldest, mightiest and most colossal Cedar trees your eyes will ever […]

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Taanayel cover

Taanayel – A Fascinating Escape

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Taanayel can be summarized with these two verses because once you stand there, you will feel compelled to question whether this place is real or not. This gorgeous village is a piece of heaven; alleys made of a multitude of trees […]

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Road Trips in Lebanon are Awesome! Here’s Why

Lebanon. 10452 km². This somewhat “tiny” surface of a country we call Home is up for grabs and accessible for us to freely wander in and explore. But most of us are just more comfortable laying on our couches looking at our tiny, now giant, phones while scrolling endless timelines. Being a guy in my 20’s, you would possibly […]

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Serjbel – A Hidden Gem

The Chouf district is home to some of the most picturesque sceneries that the Lebanese nature has to offer and Serjbel is a prime example. We visited Serjbel last week along with a small group of friends with the purpose of spending part of the day having a picnic in […]

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Tyre – The Coastal Hara

Tyre or Sour is a Lebanese coastal city well known for its uber rich history across different eras. Phoenicians (being the historical natives), Romans, Crusaders, Mamalik and Ottomans have all left their traces in the city and you can clearly see this through the historical monuments spread across the city. […]

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Abdelle – El Meghrak

Disclaimer: We have been contacted by our reader Hanina Abi Nader who claims to be the owner of the land subject of this article (El Meghrak), who clarified that the land is privately owned and will soon be closed to prevent trespassing. Therefore, kindly refrain from visiting El Meghrak and […]

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Anfeh – Under The Wind

Anfeh is a Lebanese village situated in the Koura district – Northern governorate. It is well known for its salines, fishing spots and picturesque cliff. Recently it has been a destination for people who want to lounge on its gorgeous small cubic cabins. These cabins host beach-goers during the summer and provide […]

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Ayoun el samak

Ayoun el Samak – A Disappointment

Ayoun el Samak (عيون السمك) has been on our road trip schedule for more than a year now, but we always found ourselves postponing our trip mainly due to security concerns. Last weekend however, we decided to finally go check Ayoun el Samak, the northern area infamous for its gorgeous lake and vibrant green nature. […]

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Nahr El Joz – Spring of Life

Winter is gone and Spring is upon us. Winter had cast a veil of snowy white upon our mountains, and now Spring has breathed life into our rivers and waterfalls. To capitalize on this, we headed towards the north once again, planning to catch sight of the 30km long Nahr […]

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Faraya – Snow Clad Hills

In the past few years, winters in Lebanon and in the Middle East were becoming gradually warmer especially in terms of snowfall. Last winter drove many people to believe that snowfall in our region has become a once upon a time tale. Fortunately, things turned upside down this year; rainfall and snowfall hit record high and […]

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