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Serjbel – A Hidden Gem

The Chouf district is home to some of the most picturesque sceneries that the Lebanese nature has to offer and Serjbel is a prime example. We visited Serjbel last week along with a small group of friends with the purpose of spending part of the day having a picnic in […]

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Cedars Cover

Chouf Cedars – 3000 Years in the Making

Our latest road trip takes us to the Cedars Reserve in the Chouf District, mainly the reserves of Maaser El Chouf and Barouk. Resting high in the Chouf mountain at an altitude exceeding 1500m, awaits you some of the oldest, mightiest and most colossal Cedar trees your eyes will ever […]

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Baakleen – A Picnic in Paradise

Baakleen is a picturesque Lebanese village in the Chouf district. It was once a major Lebanese city in our history and the birthplace of prominent Lebanese figures but this is not the part we will focus on today, instead we will shed the light on its splendid water resources and most importantly its […]

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