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Cedars Cover

Chouf Cedars – 3000 Years in the Making

Our latest road trip takes us to the Cedars Reserve in the Chouf District, mainly the reserves of Maaser El Chouf and Barouk. Resting high in the Chouf mountain at an altitude exceeding 1500m, awaits you some of the oldest, mightiest and most colossal Cedar trees your eyes will ever […]

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Taanayel cover

Taanayel – A Fascinating Escape

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Taanayel can be summarized with these two verses because once you stand there, you will feel compelled to question whether this place is real or not. This gorgeous village is a piece of heaven; alleys made of a multitude of trees […]

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Road Trips in Lebanon are Awesome! Here’s Why

Lebanon. 10452 km². This somewhat “tiny” surface of a country we call Home is up for grabs and accessible for us to freely wander in and explore. But most of us are just more comfortable laying on our couches looking at our tiny, now giant, phones while scrolling endless timelines. Being a guy in my 20’s, you would possibly […]

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Laqlouq – The Unexpected Wonder

On this road trip we visit Laqlouq. Located deep in Jbeil district at an altitude of more than 1750m, Laqlouq is mostly known to hunters because of its raw and beautiful nature and its rich vegetation. It is also a major spot for ski lovers due to its infamous ski resort. In addition to […]

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Baakleen – A Picnic in Paradise

Baakleen is a picturesque Lebanese village in the Chouf district. It was once a major Lebanese city in our history and the birthplace of prominent Lebanese figures but this is not the part we will focus on today, instead we will shed the light on its splendid water resources and most importantly its […]

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Ammiq – A Breathtaking Wetland

Lying in the heart of West Bekaa, Ammiq is a quiet Lebanese village notorious for its fertile lands and jaw dropping fauna and flora, particularly its wetlands. Home to a number of rare species of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, the vast wetland is in the process of being declared a National reserve. As […]

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