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Taanayel cover

Taanayel – A Fascinating Escape

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Taanayel can be summarized with these two verses because once you stand there, you will feel compelled to question whether this place is real or not. This gorgeous village is a piece of heaven; alleys made of a multitude of trees […]

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Faqra – Above the Clouds

If I were asked to recapitulate our visit to Faqra, the first thing that would cross my mind would undoubtedly be the sight of the white glossy clouds penetrated by the shiny rays of sunlight beneath us. As for the second thing, it would be lavender, a purple flower one rarely comes […]

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Saoufar – Our Very Own Sunset Boulevard

We visited Saoufar on a weekday afternoon therefore, this is not a big fat road trip per se but rather a mini one because we only went there for a walk inside the magnificent natural long tunnel of green trees. If you want to calm your mind then this small trip will definitely bring joy […]

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