Serjbel – A Hidden Gem

The Chouf district is home to some of the most picturesque sceneries that the Lebanese nature has to offer and Serjbel is a prime example. We visited Serjbel last week along with a small group of friends with the purpose of spending part of the day having a picnic in the village’s hidden gem.

Getting There

Reaching Serjbel is easy and fast. Take the Southern highway until you reach Damour, then take that exit. From there it’s a simple affair of following the street signs to get to Serjbel. It is noteworthy that it is only a few villages away from Baakline which we highly recommend you to visit and enjoy its waterfalls.

Anyway, this is all the info we can provide in regard to reaching the river. We believe one of the reasons this place is still well preserved is because it remains relatively publicly unknown. If you feel intrigued to check this place out, we suggest you do some inquiries (which is what we did); check social media hashtags, ask the locals, etc.

Our Journey

As mentioned above, our goal was to have a picnic with a group of friends while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature. Our quest to find Serjbel’s hidden gem was successfully concluded and we settled down as soon as we reached our spot. As we went to explore our surroundings, endless expressions of amazement could be heard. Oh! Wow! Anjad Wow! You get the general idea. This place is undoubtedly beautiful!

Soon after we were done playing Columbus and getting familiar with the surrounding area, lunch preparations were in order. Our lunch plan included a combination of frankfurters and burgers. A welcomed change from the typical Lebanese picnic grills we’re accustomed to.

All in all, we spent around 3 hours there. A gorgeous setting that was exclusively ours, a great company and succulent food – although fatty. Who would ask for more!

Our Recommendations

  • The area only fits for one small group of people.
  • The river is suitable for diving (be extra careful though as everything is super slippery).
  • Take a lot of pictures. Selfies might be socially acceptable with a backdrop as gorgeous as this one.
  • Leave the place as clean as you found it.

Happy Roadtripping!