Anfeh – Under The Wind

Anfeh is a Lebanese village situated in the Koura district – Northern governorate. It is well known for its salines, fishing spots and picturesque cliff. Recently it has been a destination for people who want to lounge on its gorgeous small cubic cabins. These cabins host beach-goers during the summer and provide fresh fish for those who want to have a meal by the sea. 

During the crusades, Anfeh was a stronghold for the crusaders and some remnants of their castles are still present in the village. It is said that Anfeh’s name (Anfeh: nose in Arabic) was inspired by its shape; the village takes the shape of a peninsula hence the name.

Getting There

We kicked off our trip at noon and drove all along the coastal highway. After reaching Byblos, we kept driving North towards Chekka until we reached Koura. As we were driving on the highway in Zakroun, we saw a sign that indicated that Anfeh was to our left. Once inside the village we inquired about directions with the locals who were very friendly. Thanks to their guidance, we were able to easily reach “Tahet el Rih” – Anfeh’s currently prime spot.

Our Journey

When we arrived to the shore, we parked right there and then we climbed a few steps to finally reach a miniaturist and a far more simplified version of Mykonos- Greece; small white wooden cabins with turquoise details are all over the place. Wooden bridges, passages and balconies border the sea to give the visitors a gorgeous view of the clear water. In addition, wind wheels are spotted among the white cabins and they serve to pump sea water for salt extraction.

The water underneath the cabins is crystal clear to the point that you can clearly see the rocks at the bottom of the sea. Most of the water cabins were naturally closed as we visited in March. A few were opened and to our surprise, they were playing some very pleasant music (Tom Ordell’s Another Love for instance). We walked among the water cabins and enjoyed taking pictures of several of them. We easily spent a couple of hours touring around the place.

Once we were done walking among most of the cabins, we climbed the cliff that’s right next to the shore. On the top of the cliff and right facing the sea, a big wooden cross is erected. The view from up there is terrific; you would see fishermen spread among rocks with the sun facing in the horizon. Fishing is obviously a widespread activity in Anfeh as you can see fishing boats in front of many houses. On the cliff top, you would also stumble upon lovely wild flowers (daisies, poppies etc.)

We also visited our Lady of the Wind church as we were in Anfeh. It’s the oldest church in the village and it was built during the Byzantine era. Checking its architecture was pretty interesting and recommended.

Our Recommendations

  • We assume that Anfeh is better enjoyed during the summer due to its gorgeous water. However, if you are willing to calmly enjoy the Tahet El Rih area and take pictures freely, you better go during the low season i.e. preferably during Spring.
  • Touring around Anfeh requires half a day only.

Happy Roadtripping!