Our Story

Roadtrips are loads of  fun but the fun will gradually fade once you see that your destinations are redundant and that you are out of new places to go to. This is where Roadtriphacks comes into play! It is a space where we share our numerous and various experiences in roadtrips and most importantly the recommendations we concluded during each of our roadtrips.

Where is this place? Is this in Lebanon for real? How did you learn about this place?

Common questions we get anytime we post our roadtrip pictures on social media. Roadtriphacks is all about answering these questions and sharing our experiences and recommendations with a wider audience, all while aiming to show a different image of Lebanon, an image that was only polished in our eyes when we decided to engage more in roadtrips. What we seek is to highlight the destinations one can escape to and enjoy a peaceful and unique daycation.

‘Happy Roadtripping!’